Meet the Team: Vico Sanchezarmas, Senior International PM

Dive into the world of brand brilliance with Vico, GLIMMA’s Senior International Project Manager. With a decade’s expertise, she’s orchestrated seamless brand experiences for global giants like Citibank and Ford Motors. Off-duty, Vico swaps strategy for a tennis racket, proving she’s not just a maestro at work but also on the court.

A Decade of Project Management Evolution

Vico’s journey with GLIMMA spans a remarkable decade, marked by a multifaceted engagement that transitioned from client and vendor roles to becoming an integral part of our family. Her unique perspective, cultivated through experiences on both sides of the business relationship, has enriched her understanding of brand strategy and the intricate world of brand management.

Since joining as a full-time member in 2009, Vico has been the driving force behind several iconic brand experience projects. Notable among them are her contributions to Citibank, HSBC, BBVA, Ford Motors, and the successful implementation of Holcim’s brand identity across North and South America. Her comprehensive grasp of the intricacies involved in brand execution has solidified her as a key member of GLIMMA Americas’ Project Management Team.

Fusing Engineering and Project Management Prowess

Armed with degrees in industrial engineering and marketing, Vico’s professional journey commenced in market research and analytics at the esteemed 3M Corporation. Here, she honed her skills in problem-solving and discovered a passion for working with leading brands. This propelled her transition into roles that seamlessly combined marketing acumen with development expertise.

Vico’s commitment to integrity, enthusiasm, and forward-thinking is palpable in every project she undertakes. As a testament to her dedication, she pledges to be an attentive listener, ensuring that GLIMMA’s clients receive unparalleled service.

'Approaching client interactions with integrity, enthusiasm, and forward-thinking is not just a commitment—it's the cornerstone of my approach at GLIMMA.'

Vico Sanchezarmas
Senior International Project Manager, GLIMMA

Outside the Office: A Glimpse into Vico’s World

Away from the world of brand management, Vico is not only a Senior International Project Manager but also a devoted spouse and proud mother of two wonderful children. Originally hailing from Mexico City, she has woven her story across continents, calling first Los Angeles and now Boston her home.

Contrary to her modest claim, Vico is more than just “not a terrible tennis player.” Her passion on the court mirrors her dedication to her projects at GLIMMA. Additionally, her love for spicy cuisine is only surpassed by her commitment to volunteering for diversity awareness projects in her community.

In Vico, GLIMMA not only has a Senior International Project Manager but also an individual whose authenticity and expertise contribute to the consultancy’s success. Stay tuned for more stories from the exceptional team shaping the future of brand experiences at GLIMMA.

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