Meet the Team: Brawley Crawford, Commercial Manager

GLIMMA proudly welcomes Brawley Crawford to its USA team as the new Commercial Manager. Brawley’s expertise in brand strategy and a wealth of experience as a business development director in Washington, D.C., position him as a key player in expanding GLIMMA’s impact across the North American market.

Through the symphony of strategy, Brawley Crawford orchestrates success as GLIMMA's Commercial Manager, seamlessly blending international market insights, strategic acumen, and a harmonious fusion of personal passions.

A Visionary in Commercial Management

Brawley Crawford brings a wealth of experience from his tenure as a business development director with a leading research and advisory services firm. His strategic vision and deep understanding of the industry make him the perfect fit for the role of Commercial Manager at GLIMMA.

Bridging Continents: USA Market Expansion

In his new capacity, Brawley will collaborate with executives to develop and implement brand strategies throughout the United States. Beyond borders, he will forge connections with international partners in the UK, Europe, India, and Asia, facilitating the expansion of their client brands into the American market in his new role as commercial manager.

Beyond the Desk: The Many Notes of Brawley’s Life

Away from the world of commercial management, Brawley is not just about strategy and business. An avid outdoorsman, sports fan, and accomplished cellist, he brings a harmonious blend of passions to both his professional and personal life. A graduate of Wake Forest University with a bachelor’s degree in Economics, Brawley’s talents extend beyond the boardroom.

Married to Sterling Duke Crawford, the couple is set to celebrate their first anniversary, adding a personal note to Brawley’s multifaceted narrative. The symphony of his life is not just confined to strategic planning; it resonates through his love for the outdoors, sports, music, and the celebration of personal milestones.

In Brawley, GLIMMA has found not just a Commercial Manager but a visionary orchestrator of success. Stay tuned for more tales from our exceptional team as we continue to shape the future of brand experiences at GLIMMA.

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