Meet the Team: Kirsten Donaldson, New Business Development

Kirsten’s professional odyssey began in the unique realm of matchmaking for ultra-high-net-worth professionals in Mayfair. It was here that she honed the art of understanding diverse perspectives on a singular desire: connection building. Today, Kirsten seamlessly applies these insights to foster enduring brand-customer relationships as GLIMMA Director of New Business Development.

From Matchmaking to Brand Building:

Kirsten’s trajectory may seem varied, but her past as a matchmaker mirrors her current role at GLIMMA. Unlike the high-pressure sales environments of her past, matchmaking allowed her to develop crucial skills – listening, emotional intelligence, and above all, authenticity. At GLIMMA, we pride ourselves on this value, recognizing its pivotal role in building trust and long-lasting relationships in this new era of purpose.

'Authenticism is not just a brand value—it's the heartbeat of every enduring connection we craft at GLIMMA.'

Kirsten Donaldson
Director New Business Development

Navigating Borders: A Global Perspective on New Business Development

As a third-culture kid based in London, originally from Scotland but with roots in Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Singapore, Kirsten thrives on the ability to work without borders. Her role as New Business Director involves navigating time zones, catching up with the team in Bangkok in the morning, and diving into a USA pitch in the afternoon. It’s a dynamic, ever-evolving landscape that mirrors the rich cultural perspectives she brings to every project.

Beyond Business: The Creative Rhythms of Kirsten’s Life

Beyond her role in new business development, Kirsten is a creative soul. The arts hold a special place in her life, with a love for painting, drawing, and a penchant for listening to music from around the world. It’s this creative rhythm that enhances her ability to weave compelling narratives for brands.

In Kirsten, GLIMMA not only has a New Business Director but a conductor of authentic brand relationships. Stay tuned for more stories from our exceptional team as we continue shaping the future of brand experiences at GLIMMA.

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