GLIMMA's Brand Expansion Excellence in India's Market

In the rapidly transforming landscape of India, a global economic powerhouse with a GDP of £3 trillion, the demand for strategic brand expansion has never been more critical. GLIMMA India emerges as the bridge between markets, offering a nuanced consultancy and project management service to help brands make a lasting impact in this dynamic environment.

The Modern Indian Landscape

India stands today as the fifth-largest economy globally, experiencing an annual growth rate of 6-7%. Despite this progress, bureaucratic challenges and government dynamics pose hurdles for businesses. GLIMMA addresses these challenges, providing a strategic pathway for brands to thrive in this exciting marketplace.


A Catalyst for Brand Expansion Success

GLIMMA India serves as a vital link for both Indian enterprises and multinational corporations, offering a comprehensive suite of consultancy and project management services tailored to their unique needs. Whether deploying brand identities digitally or physically, GLIMMA ensures a seamless process for their brand expansion journey.

'It’s an exciting marketplace for any brand to land in or leap from. So international clients can take advantage of local skills, insights and cost benefits we can ensure lndian organisations can benefit from new skills and economics, working with a global brand can bring.'

Navigating Competition: Regionally Optimised Brand Expansion Landing

For multinational corporations, GLIMMA leverages regional insights and collaborates with specialised media partners to optimise brand expansion on a granular level—spanning regions, cities, and towns. This approach ensures that brands stand out in a competitive market, making a meaningful connection with the diverse Indian consumer base.


Empowering Indian Brands Globally

Indian brands, operating domestically, can capitalise on GLIMMA’s services for brand expansion—be it through penetration, elevation, or diversification. With access to GLIMMA’s global network, Indian brands can strategically expand their reach to customers in over 100 countries, solidifying their global presence alongside their domestic success.

We can help brands land in or leap from the most exciting marketplace in the world. Knowing how brands need to flex and fit to global markets, we can support with the granular as well as the global in equal measure.

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