Innovation at the Core

GLIMMA’s agile innovation model serves as the catalyst for staying ahead in the business landscape. By outsourcing non-core functions, companies can focus on their strengths while GLIMMA’s experts distil brand essence and deliver innovation that sets them apart.

Long-Term Partnership Strategies

The phrase “Back again, are we?” signifies more than a compliment. Our commitment extends beyond project delivery. We immerse ourselves in your culture, becoming an extension of your team. This collaborative approach ensures that every move we make is not only visible but deeply understood, fostering an environment where innovation thrives.

Brand Visibility Strategies in a Dynamic Market

In a market defined by constant flux, GLIMMA crafts brands equipped with visibility tools that transcend industry norms. Our commitment to understanding client’s culture ensures strategies resonate authentically, making brands stand out amidst the noise.

'We’re your eyes and ears on the ground: using technology and our extensive network of partners around the world to spot trends and developments – then acting on them so your brand isn’t left behind.'

Global Network Mobilisation and Expert Brand Development

Bringing together leading designers, copywriters, editors, strategists, and account managers, GLIMMA crafts assets that form the core of highly effective campaigns. Our global network is mobilised strategically, ensuring your brand not only reaches but resonates with the right audiences, securing a competitive edge.

In the realm of innovation, GLIMMA echoes the phrase: “Back again, are we?”. This statement reflects our unwavering commitment to being a crucial part of your journey and underscores the triumph of our agile innovation model. With heartfelt appreciation for the warm reception, we persist in our commitment to innovation, ensuring your brand triumphs over competitors in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Beyond Likes & Shares: Building Powerful Brand Presence in the Real World

In today’s digital age, it’s easy to neglect the power of your brand’s physical presence. Likes and shares online are alluring, but often overshadow the impact of how your brand manifests in the real world. That’s where we come in. We bridge the gap between digital engagement and tangible brand assets, ensuring a consistent and high-quality representation of your identity everywhere.

Tailored Technology for Global Visibility

In response to this challenge, our innovative technology solutions provide clients with a real-time view of their brand presentation across the globe. This transformative capability allows businesses to make informed decisions to enhance their brand’s visibility and impact. From commercial aircraft to personalised stationery, our studio team offers bespoke brand applications to cater to diverse needs, ensuring a consistent and visually compelling brand representation.

Your Global Brand Presence

Through our Brand Asset Store, your teams have access to a curated library of pre-designed assets, ensuring consistency and quality across physical touch-points. We also prioritise local production, stimulating local economies and minimising environmental impact.

'With our tailored technology solutions, you can see how your brand is presented anywhere in the world and make the decisions you need to elevate its presentation.'

Hassle-Free Brand Management

We maintain seamless control over the entire supply chain, offering clients a hassle-free experience from idea conceptualisation to global implementation. This centralised approach frees you to focus on what truly matters: continuously innovating your brand strategy.

By expertly managing your physical brand assets, we make the intangible tangible, giving your brand a powerful and unified presence in the real world. In a digital age, let us help you stand out – not just online, but everywhere.

Evolution of a Global Brand Consultancy Powerhouse

From the merger of two international graphics companies in the year 2000, GLIMMA has evolved into a prominent global brand consultancy with a widespread presence, including offices in the UK, USA, India, and Hong Kong.

Strategic Vision and Commitment to Excellence

As we step into a new era, GLIMMA remains dedicated to defining where we want to be and how to achieve our goals. Central to our strategy is the continuous investment in our people, the development of unique technology solutions, and the establishment of collaborative partnerships that enhance our service capabilities. This steadfast commitment ensures that we provide unparalleled value to each and every client.

Sustainable Practices and Positive Global Impact

Acknowledging the importance of sustainability, we actively pursue excellence in environmental solutions. We commit to leaving a positive footprint wherever we conduct business and strive to make continuous positive changes over the long term. Moreover, we emphasise that our partners and suppliers align with our values and share an equal commitment to delivering on them.

End-to-End Expertise and Collaborative Global Brand Consultancy Partnership

Our dedicated team has successfully enabled clients across various sectors, from airlines and automotive to logistics and beyond. Our end-to-end expertise, global mobilisation capabilities, and collaborative approach distinguish us from traditional consultancies.

As a trusted partner to some of the world’s premier brands, our promise is to support you at any step of your strategic journey, helping you secure a competitive position, elevate your purpose, and ultimately become the better brand.

At GLIMMA, we look forward to working with you, sharing in your journey, and contributing to your future success.

'Take your place in the world. Know your purpose. Be bold, be adventurous, be everywhere you need to be. Be recognised for being the best at what you do and for always being the better brand'

Strategic Insights for Targeted Creativity

And as we dive into developing compelling creative content from our design studios we regularly partner with research agencies that can bring behavioural, demographic and socio-economic insights and specialist media partners to guide and develop the optimal integrated media plan that will hit all the right notes.

Navigating the diverse cultural nuances and consumption preferences in each region, we collaborate with market-based media partners. This ensures our creative is hyper-localised and personalised. Being global doesn’t mean you can’t be intimate and influential on a localised basis.

Digitally Driven Engagement: The Power of Integrated Media Programs

Emphasising digital channels, integrated media programs as the most effective way to reach and engage audiences. From programmatic approaches to a strategic blend of TV and out-of-home (OOH) with influencer-driven, social, and consumer advocacy tactics, our focus is on building communities.

Editorial Influence: Enriching Content Strategies with PR Partnerships

Working in partnership with your public relations agency, we are likely to also advocate taking an editorial style to your content strategies, enabling richer formats and styles to tell your stories to your audiences, both inside and outside your organisation, establishing a well-defined stance on purpose, product, and organisational ethos.

'Working in partnership with your public relations agency, we are likely to also advocate taking an editorial style to your content strategies, enabling richer formats and styles to tell your stories to your audiences, both inside and outside your organisation.'

Measurement of Success

To gauge the effectiveness of our content strategy, we commit to working closely with clients from the outset. We collaboratively define measurable strategic and campaign goals, tracing the critical path from advertising to income. Throughout the process, we employ rigorous measurement techniques to ensure effective engagement, optimal positioning for performance, and the establishment of your brand as the best it can be.

The Power of Purposeful Branding

Engaging with the global C-suite provides unique insights into the priorities of forward-thinking enterprises. Amid the discussions, a prevailing concern takes center stage: the delicate balance between profitability and purpose.

Accenture’s recent survey underscores this sentiment, revealing that 64% of global consumers are drawn to brands that actively communicate their purpose. Moreover, 62% express a desire for companies to take a stand on issues aligning with their passions, and 52% are more inclined to purchase from brands sharing congruent values.

Navigating the Velocity of Change

Another recurrent theme in these executive conversations revolves around the pace of change. The propensity to hastily adopt policies, rather than incorporating them seamlessly into a comprehensive framework aligning purpose and profit, emerges as a disruptor to sustained profitability.

Crafting Purposeful Futures

Most of our clients are committed to a more purposeful future for their brands, organisations and employees. This is where we come in. We design workplaces for global businesses, tuned to regional cultures and hyper-localised through partnerships with local artists whose work resonates with the employees from that region.

This makes a real difference in attracting – and retaining – the best talent. According to a 2019 survey, 83% of Gen Z US consider a company’s purpose when deciding where to work. And a workplace designed to encourage a positive culture is critical.

'We can help weave a brand purpose tapestry that people truly believe in, want to be part of and champion, by ensuring it is embedded within your brand language and part of your everyday conversations with everyone, from investors to partners, suppliers and employees.'

64%global consumers find brands that actively communicate their purpose are more attractive (Accenture)
62%want companies to take a stand on issues they’re passionate about (Accenture)
52%say they’re more likely to buy from a brand if its values align with theirs (Accenture)
83%Gen Z US consider a company’s purpose when deciding where to work

From Purpose to Profit

The impact of purpose on profit and valuation cannot be overstated. Kantar’s study reveals that purpose-led brands experienced a staggering 175% valuation surge over the past 12 years, in stark contrast to a mere 70% growth rate for brands lacking a clear sense of purpose.

Therefore, our counsel is clear: consider everything, omit nothing, and above all, do what is right. This aligns with both the global need for purposeful initiatives and the desires of your customers.

Navigating the Brand Landscape

Unlocking the true potential of your brand involves a delicate balance between leveraging traditional strategies and embracing innovative perspectives. GLIMMA USA, with two years of successful operations in the USA, has been instrumental in redefining brand experiences for various companies, including a significant partnership with Delta Air Lines.

Our expertise in brand communication spans diverse aspects, but one particular observation has resonated personally – the diminishing role of physical assets in brand communication strategies. Anonymity seems to have overshadowed brands, and it begs the question: why?

Seeking validation, I consulted two industry leaders – a CMO at a multinational and the CEO of a major North American organisation. The response was telling. The CMO admitted, “Not enough,” while the CEO candidly stated, “I have no idea.”

'Digital is essential. But as time has moved on, we’ve lost how vital physical assets can be. Happily planning and auditing physical assets isn’t as tricky as it once was.'

Revolutionising Brand Asset Management

In the pursuit of digital dominance, the significance of physical assets has been overlooked. However, the task of planning and auditing these assets has evolved. GLIMMA’s brand asset technology eliminates the need for physical site visits, offering a cost-effective solution. Surveys are dispatched to field personnel across the USA, capturing essential data for evaluation. From evaluating on-brand aesthetics to conditions and visibility, the process is structured around client goals, even extending to the creation of webshops for tailored asset orders.

Global Perspectives for Local Success: GLIMMA’s International Reach Redefines Innovation

The USA is big. It’s easy not to look outside its borders. GLIMMA, being a global organisation, brings innovation from diverse cultures and countries. These fresh viewpoints have the potential to unlock a myriad of ideas and innovations, ultimately contributing to increased revenue.

In the realm of brand management, the marriage of old and new could be the secret sauce for revitalise customer relationships and reinvigorate real estate for American brands. GLIMMA USA champions this unique approach, inviting brands to embrace both the timeless wisdom of established strategies and the innovative spirit brought by global perspectives.

'Our partners bring innovation from different cultures and countries. These fresh perspectives can unlock myriad ideas and innovations – and ultimately increase income for you, too.'

In with the old, in with the new, the path to enduring success.

The Modern Indian Landscape

India stands today as the fifth-largest economy globally, experiencing an annual growth rate of 6-7%. Despite this progress, bureaucratic challenges and government dynamics pose hurdles for businesses. GLIMMA addresses these challenges, providing a strategic pathway for brands to thrive in this exciting marketplace.


A Catalyst for Brand Expansion Success

GLIMMA India serves as a vital link for both Indian enterprises and multinational corporations, offering a comprehensive suite of consultancy and project management services tailored to their unique needs. Whether deploying brand identities digitally or physically, GLIMMA ensures a seamless process for their brand expansion journey.

'It’s an exciting marketplace for any brand to land in or leap from. So international clients can take advantage of local skills, insights and cost benefits we can ensure lndian organisations can benefit from new skills and economics, working with a global brand can bring.'

Navigating Competition: Regionally Optimised Brand Expansion Landing

For multinational corporations, GLIMMA leverages regional insights and collaborates with specialised media partners to optimise brand expansion on a granular level—spanning regions, cities, and towns. This approach ensures that brands stand out in a competitive market, making a meaningful connection with the diverse Indian consumer base.


Empowering Indian Brands Globally

Indian brands, operating domestically, can capitalise on GLIMMA’s services for brand expansion—be it through penetration, elevation, or diversification. With access to GLIMMA’s global network, Indian brands can strategically expand their reach to customers in over 100 countries, solidifying their global presence alongside their domestic success.

We can help brands land in or leap from the most exciting marketplace in the world. Knowing how brands need to flex and fit to global markets, we can support with the granular as well as the global in equal measure.